Why there is Bluey… and then there is daylight

In case you hadn’t already heard, Bluey is a TV phenomenon.

Not just a multichannel ratings star, nor an awards-grabber, the ABC KIDS show knocks it out of the park when it comes to Timeshifted viewing.

Bluey doesn’t just top the #1 spot in 28 Day Timeshifted viewing.

Bluey episodes take up 187 of the Top 200 Timeshifted shows in 2020. Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s an astounding result.

An episode of Bluey on March 21 drew 160,000 viewers but drew another 590,000 viewers in 7 days. Then another 682,000 in the next 28 days. Its final number is a massive 1.43m viewers. Who says kids don’t watch TV? The date is notably tied to Australia’s first lockdown.

16 other Bluey episodes this year finished above the magic million.

It’s another reminder that Overnight audiences do not give the full picture in how audiences are watching Television in 2020.

These are the top Timeshifted brands so far in 2020.

Rank Title Channel Date Overnight Timeshift to 28 Total
1 Bluey ABC KIDS 21/3 160,000 1,272,000 1,433,000
47 The Snail & the Whale ABC KIDS 4/4 11,000 438,000 528,000
145 Vera ABC 12/7 626,000 280,000 906,000
166 War of the Worlds SBS 9/7 311,000 261,000 572,000
176 Dublin Murders SBS 19/2 228,000 258,000 486,000
177 Lego Masters: Winner Announced Nine 18/5 1,434,000 258,000 1,692,000
185 Numberblocks ABC KIDS 26/5 52,000 252,000 304,000
192 Killing Eve ABC 26/4 225,000 245,000 469,000
202 Rosehaven ABC 8/7 468,000 241,000 709,000
209 The Capture ABC 20/3 467,000 236,000 166,000
217 Informer 3838 Nine 27/4 565,000 233,000 798,000
226 Peppa Pig ABC KIDS 26/3 109,000 228,000 337,000
233 The Good Doctor Seven 14/4 361,000 222,000 583,000
237 Doctor Doctor Nine 4/3 477,000 219,000 696,000
248 Big Block Singsong ABC KIDS 9/4 141,000 213,000 354,000
260 Married at First Sight Nine 6/2 992,000 206,000 1,198,000
263 Gogglebox 10 23/4 599,000 205,000 804,000
273 Dog Loves Books ABC KIDS 30/4 118,000 199,000 317,000
290 Mystery Road ABC 10/5 576,000 192,000 768,000
294 9-1-1 Seven 10/2 500,000 191,000 691,000

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  1. I’m happy for the show’s success but I must be the only person who does not like Bluey. Most of the show is just Bluey and friends playing really silly games or partaking in annoying behaviour (especially toilet humour incidents) that I’d certainly not want my children mimicking around the home. I know they teach a “lesson” at the end, but most of the entertainment value of the show is in the silliness that goes on, and I think it’s easy for the overarching point to be missed in favour of the silly shenanigans.

  2. It’s ridiculous how high the ratings are for it timeshifted. It shows the power of the show and its great to see kids tv doing so well and honestly it’s not surprising. However, the thing for me though is you can’t compare them imo because Bluey episodes are around 7-8 minutes long whereas most shows are around 42 minutes running time. It’s a completely different ballgame.

  3. Just shows you Australian are watching dramas and reality barely mentioned in this table! Reality relies on overnight viewers.

    Many of these shows have been viewed my our household, notably Bluey, The Capture, Informer 3838, Mystery Road and Rosehaven. I was surprised but pleased to see Dublin Murders high up in the list. Shows you SBS Demand is a well supported platform with some great offerings. And interestingly ABC iView also out ranks the commercial networks when it comes to results.

    Thank you for sharing. Still yet to view Killing View but it’s banked up to watch…

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