Writer sues ABC over kids’ series

A legal case has emerged over an ABC KIDS pre-school animation Bubble Bath Bay.

The Herald Sun reports Melbourne writer Annie Duncan is claiming ABC rejected her pitch, named Buster, in 2010, but that in 2011 the ABC “had 13 pages of emails with a third party” about her concept.

The series debuted on ABC4KIDS in 2015, produced by Essential Media and Entertainment production in association with Shambles Communications, Ideate Media, Telegael Teoranta and Lemon Sky. It was later renamed as Sydney Sailboat.

“The Harbour: Buster and Jack Series” was published in 2014.

The first book of the Buster and Jack series, “The Harbour” is high drama for young children. The glorious Summer day quickly turns into one of horror when Buster the wooden boat and Jack the seagull are confronted with a bank robber. They receive fatherly advice from the Harbour Master, not to land on the Island. Together they use their wits to outsmart the vicious cat burglar.

Duncan is suing ABC in the Federal Court, arguing that the “similarities between Bubble Bath Bay, Buster the Brave Little Wooden Boat and Buster and Jack are so similar as it could not be said to be a coincidence.”

The ABC declined to comment as the case was before the courts.

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