60 Minutes: Nov 1

On 60 Minutes Sarah Abo speaks to survivors of New Zealand’s White Island volcano disaster.

The White Island Disaster
It’s a terrible truth to have to acknowledge. The White Island volcano in New Zealand is not only spectacular but spectacularly dangerous. One awful afternoon last December, it erupted, seemingly without warning. Forty-seven tourists and guides, who up until the catastrophic explosion had only been thinking of adventure, were stranded on the island. All suffered injuries, and 21 died. Now, for the first time, Australian survivors talk about that tragic day and its devastating aftermath. They tell Sarah Abo it is a miracle that more people weren’t killed. But they also express their anger and ask questions about why they were allowed to visit such a perilous location in the first place, and why efforts to rescue them were flawed.
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producers: Laura Sparkes, Alex Bernhardt

The Labrodorables
Everyone agrees COVID-19 has dominated our lives this year, and not in a good way. So on 60 Minutes comes a moment of long overdue respite where smiles are guaranteed to replace snarls. It’s thanks to two adorable Labradors, Olive and Mabel, and their best friend, Andrew Cotter. He’s a famous Scottish sports commentator who was forced off air when the pandemic hit and shut down major events like Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics. However, instead of simply accepting unemployment, Andrew took his microphone home and made Olive and Mabel his sport. He saw magic in the mundane lives of his mutts – and turned them into worldwide internet sensations.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Thea Dikeos

8:30pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.

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