ABC changes for Foxtel satellite viewers

Big changes for ABC viewers who view through Foxtel satellite.

ABC is making changes which will affect Foxtel satellite viewers.

From today on Foxtel satellite, five ABC TV state / territory channels ( for NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & NT) will be replaced by one national ABC TV channel.

Satellite subscribers in NSW, TAS, VIC, ACT will no longer see a local 7pm news bulletin, but a single national bulletin.

In other states and territories as well as a national bulletin all programs will be in AEDT time (and AEST from April). Note: The Western Australia ABC1 feed is not changing.

The move is due to ABC minimising costs, creating a national ABC TV channel on Foxtel satellite, compared to the retransmission costs associated with 5 state / territory ABC TV channels.

  • For QLD viewers on Foxtel satellite, during Daylight Savings Time, programs on this channel will be on 1 hour earlier than advertised. Outside of Daylight Savings Time, programs will be as advertised.
  • For SA viewers on Foxtel satellite, throughout the year, programs on this channel will be on 30mins earlier than advertised. 
  • For NT viewers on Foxtel satellite, during Daylight Savings Time, programs on this channel will be on 1.5 hour earlier than advertised. Outside of Daylight Savings Time, programs on this channel will be on 30mins earlier than advertised. 

Foxtel satellite customers can continue to watch their local ABC TV, in their local time zone and with their local 7pm news bulletin. To do so, they have a number of options:

  • Watch their local ABC TV through free-to-air terrestrial transmission (requiring an antenna).
  • Watch a live stream of their local ABC TV via the ABC iview app – available on many Smart TVs, set top boxes (including FOXTEL IQ3 and IQ4 set top boxes) and devices. An internet connection is required for this option.
  • Watch their local ABC TV via the VAST satellite service.

If you have any programs that are Series Linked on the ABC, you’ll need to set up these Series Links again as they won’t automatically transfer to the new national channel.

More info is at:
Watching ABC on Foxtel satellite section.



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  1. For IQ3 or IQ4 users with antenna plugged in, you can switch ABC feed from satellite national to local station by going to the “Customise Local Channels” menu under the “Terrestrial Channels” settings. That way you can continue to see the local 7pm news and on channel 102.

    You may do so on ABC 2 and ABC ME to align the local program schedule.

  2. Thanks for this update, would have zero idea if I didn’t read it here!
    I have recorded shows on my iq2 from the ‘new’ ABC channel but none of the shows support series link, nor does any program from the ABC News channel. Very annoying – hope they get that fixed ASAP.

  3. I always recorded the ABC news (NSW) via Foxtel, for later viewing. The main reason was to be able to fast forward through stories which were of no interest, ditto all sport, and ABC’s biased stories on local and USA politics. Tonight there was nothing recorded. Thanks to TV Tonight for the explanation as to why this happened. I knew I could rely on this site for the explanation!
    So it looks like I’ll be ditching the ABC news completely now, and will give SBS another go.

  4. If Foxtel can show/hide HD channels depending on your package why can’t they show/hide ABC channels based on where you live. That way they could negotiate saying they only want to retransmit one state channel based on subscribers address.

  5. Another option to watch ABC in the local time zone on satellite and also having the option of watching the ABC broadcasts from different states/territories could be tuning into Optus D1 free-to-air satellite. I remember doing this some years ago by adding an additional LNB to a multi-bracket holder, and was able to view ABC with the option of viewing between time zones. Though it’s been a while since I had done this, it might still be possible as the channels are still listed on Optus D1 satellite by the satellite information company LyngSat updated this year. It might also require a different satellite receiver box if not compatible with Foxtel box (I’m not too familiar with the Foxtel boxes).

  6. I feel like ABC make the most illogical cost-saving measures designed to make people outraged at the ‘cuts’. Whatever is going to make the most noise.

    Stop bidding on US/UK content. The unnecessary competition makes the commercial broadcasters pay more.
    Our Superannuation owns shares in the Nine/Seven. How is that good for the public?
    It dilutes your ability to provide local news. How is that good for the public?

    1. Out of all the cost-cutting measures, the tactics chosen seem to be the ones that will gain the most sympathy and outrage for funding agendas, such as cancelling live Olympics radio broadcasting, and making a fuss on Q&A with a seemingly staged question from a young girl about an ABC Me presenter that lost their job after ABC announced job cuts this year.

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