Airdate: Beat the Chasers

Beat the Chasers will premiere in primetime next Sunday night on Seven.

Amongst the contenders trying their luck against 4 Chasers are a winners from The Chase, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Sale of the Century and Temptation.

The greatest quiz brains will take on Australia’s most formidable brainiacs … all at once! Uniting their quiz superpowers – The Shark, The Supernerd, The Tiger Mum and Goliath – should be unbeatable. But can they defeat the best of Australia’s esteemed quiz royalty?

7pm Sunday November 1 on Seven.


  1. It is a slight revved-up version of The [regular daytime] Chase of course – as your post outlines…. but as others have said, is it different/special enough to rate decently for that prime ‘Sunday straight out of the news’ slot. Perhaps there’s a realisation that, partly impacted by all things Covid, the Seven cupboard is a little emptier than usual, plus they’re up against the still consistently strong eps after all these years of The Block. So perhaps Seven will be happy with solid rather than amazing numbers for the Chase specials on Sunday – as long as they don’t rate 4th in slot etc.!

  2. The Chase is already on enough. If contestants struggle to win against one Chaser 4 will be impossible. Has The Chase ever been on a weekend before? I’m missing Grant Denyer. This sounds like the program Eggheads that was on ABC.

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