Airdate: Biden v Trump: The Choice 2020

With just days remaining in the US election race, SBS screens a documentary Biden v Trump: The Choice 2020.

This appears to be a PBS doco produced for Frontline (US) last month.

In the midst of a historic pandemic, economic hardship, and a reckoning with racism, this November, Americans will decide who will lead the nation for the next four years: President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden.

Before the votes are cast, as it has for every election since 1988, PBS Frontline will present Biden V Trump: The Choice 2020 – its critically acclaimed election year special, offering interwoven investigative biographies of both major-party candidates. Through revealing interviews with those who know Trump and Biden best, this film will offer a deeply reported narrative arc of both candidates’ lives.

8:30pm Sunday on SBS.


    • I always thought PBS tried harder than the mainstream nightly new broadcasts in limiting bias. A Gallup/Knight Foundation survey in 2018 found most respondents believed it to be the least biased of US media outlets as well. Could be an interesting doco, if it turns out to be not as left-leaning as CNN and NBC.

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