Airdate: Cruising the Biggest Storm

Seven screens a special around the travel industry hit by COVID.

On Sunday Seven screens a special around the travel industry hit by COVID, Cruising the Biggest Storm, produced by CJZ.

The cruising industry is being battered by the worst crisis in its history as more than 300 ghost ships lie idle around the globe. In the face of the pandemic will a holiday on the high seas ever be the same again?

Australians are the most avid cruise-goers in the world. On average almost 1.5 million Aussie holiday makers take a cruise every year. That was until March this year. Now, the cruising industry is desperate to get back on the water – and there’s no shortage of demand from cruise-starved passengers.

Featuring interviews with insiders, whistleblowers, experts and ordinary travellers, this documentary-length investigation reveals the heartbreaking stories of passengers who contracted COVID-19 on board cruises and explores what the industry will look like in the future.

When can cruising resume and how safe will it be? Critics warn that if the cruise lines get it wrong the whole industry could go under. The stakes are incredibly high.

Sunday at 7pm on Seven.

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  1. I am sick of Covid “what happened” stories. We all know what happened, you don’t need to repeat it again and again. Just tell me what will change with cruising going forward, ie, is the buffet gone, can we still play onboard sports, will there be limits on people watching entertainment, will the casino be open, how will tenders work with reduced numbers, that kind of stuff. Further, tell us when we can start cruising again and what is being done to minimise the chance of another Covid Cruise Issue happen again.

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