Airdate: For Real!

While Children’s TV is in jeopardy, 10 Shake will quietly launch a brand new local kids’ comedy for 8-12-year olds tomorrow, For Real!

Ambience Entertainment has produced  a 37-episode x half hour series about a group of teens who make their own YouTube show called Get Involved.

Every afternoon Taylor (El Smith), Maddie (Melody Kiptoo), Jet (Harrison Aston), Lucas (Hunter Stanford) and George (Madison Russo) gather in a ramshackle makeshift studio space they have created, in order to produce and record their YouTube show. It’s a lot of work and the drama of their lives and personalities creates great comedic conflict as they try to stay on task and get their show out before they have to be at training, do homework and combat their teen social pressures.

Each episode skilfully, through comedy, brings to the surface social, political and environmental issues and topics from a teen’s perspective. These episodic themes are carried through to the YouTube content the teens are producing.

Their greatest obstacle is their local Mayor (Penny Greenhalgh), an ignorant opinionated selfish villain who creates havoc within the community and motivates the teens to Get Involved and stand up for what they believe.

Filmed in NSW, the series features guest appearances from local school kids having their say about the tyrannical Mayor.

Created by Ambience Entertainment’s Monica O’Brien, the series was written by a team of award-winning comedy writers including Joel Slack-Smith, Penny Greenhalgh, Amy Stewart, Melissa Lee Speyer, Daniel Oates, Monica O’Brien, John Unwin, Hannah Fitzpatrick., Stephen Abbott and Warren Coleman. The series is directed by Keaton Stewart, Joel Slack – Smith and Monica O’Brien with Sue Keating as Series Producers.

Double episodes airing 12pm Saturdays and Sundays from October 17 on 10 Shake.



  1. Is quietly launching it in the shows best interests then – you’d think a locally produced childrens series on a new essentially childrens channel would be something they’d be shouting about – or is burning it off at 4 episodes a week an indication of it’s quality.

    • harrypotter1994

      Broadcasters don’t want anyone to know about it so they can tell the government that children’s TV doesn’t rate and then they don’t have to produce it anymore.

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