Airdate: Housos 2020: The Lockdown, Regular Old Bogan

Two local comedies later this month will mark 10th birthday for 7mate.

7mate has now confirmed a new date for two local comedies, Housos 2020: The Lockdown and Regular Old Bogan as part of its 10th birthday celebrations.

Housos 2020: The Lockdown
8:30pm Monday October 26 on 7mate
Pauly Fenech brings back all your fave housos. COVID-19 has met its match. The beer drinking, bong smoking, burnout loving housos of Sunnyvale are back, and they are in lockdown. All the favourites return including Franky (Pauly Fenech), Shazza (Elle Dawe), Kev the Kiwi (Kev Taumtata), the chick with the bestest backside in Sunnyvale, Vanessa (Vanessa Davis) and many more familiar Sunnyvale faces. When the virus restrictions come in, the housos do all they can to break the rules.

Regular Old Bogan
9pm Monday October 26 on 7mate
Regular Old Bogan is a knee-slapping, irreverent, satirical comedy with a big heart and even bigger b*lls — revolving around the adventures of a typical family from the outer suburbs. Meet the Stubbs family: Dad Gavin is a stubborn and misinformed tradesman; his wife Wendy is an overbearing stay-at-home mother; Toby is their often bullied, hypersensitive teenage son; and Mary Sue is their foul-mouthed, eight-year-old daughter. In each episode the Stubbs are thrown into outrageous situations — from outback serial killers to baby stealin’ dingoes. Our heroes find themselves in Hollywood style action films when they’d much rather be at home firing up a few snags on the barbie. Originating from an award winning web series — Regular Old Bogan is bound to get your belly laughing, heart pumping, and eyes bulging. Regular Old Bogan is a homemade show — literally. Stepmates Studios write, voice and animate each episode in a makeshift studio in their back shed.


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