Airdate: Reputation Rehab

New ABC series that responds to cancel culture will start with an interview with Nick Kyrgios.

Barely a week goes by without someone getting publicly crucified in a torrent of angry tweets and media headlines.

Produced by CJZ, upcoming ABC series Reputation Rehab will tackle the outrage culture and public shaming head on.

Hosted by The Checkout’s Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge, each episode will begin with a deep-dive into an outrage story, or a person who has endured a public shaming.

The first episode will focus on the “Bad Boy” of tennis: Nick Kyrgios, with the tennis star agreeing to a rare in-depth interview with Zoe and Kirsten for the show. Other episodes will delve deep into the stories of Reality TV “villain” Abbie Chatfield, headline grabber Todd Carney, tabloid target Osher Günsberg as well as Covid shaming, Boomer trashing and the reputational crisis facing anyone named Karen.

They will also consult a group of real people to find out how closely the heightened coverage aligns with their views. Through interviews, media analysis and stunts, Kirsten and Zoe will seek to rehabilitate the guest’s damaged reputation and provide an opportunity for transformation.

According to the press release. “Reputation Rehab is a show that believes people don’t deserve to be consigned to the cultural scrapheap, most people are more than a punchline, and everyone deserves a second chance.”

9.05pm Wednesday 28 October on ABC.

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