Airdate: Spread the Word

Good to see Disney+ will mark NAIDOC Week with locally-produced series Spread The Word.

This is a short-form series produced by Media Farm.

Boasting over 500,000 words, you’d think the English language covers each and every situation, action or item in existence. Sadly, you’d be wrong. There are many common situations we experience every day that simply have no English words to describe them. Lucky for us Australians, we have hundreds of local Indigenous languages that can come to the rescue! It’s time to tap into these rich languages, find the most useful terms for Australians, and then Spread the Word.

Do you need a word to describe that feeling you get when you’re sick and cranky and just want everyone to leave you alone? In Yugambeh that’s called garu-garulen, and now you can use it every time you’re sick and just want to curl up under your doona by yourself. Ever turned a room upside down looking for something you’ve lost? Yes. You have! And you made a huge mess. In Wiradjuri they have one word for the whole scenario, dirranyamgarra. And how crazy that the Wiradjuri community came up with it thousands of years before your mum and dad could even think about getting cranky about your messy bedroom!

Over this ten-part series Spread the Word shares 10 different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander words from language groups across the country.

NAIDOC Week 2020 – 8-15 November on Disney+.


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