1. One Day Anh’s Brush with Fame and Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery will have to do a crossover, Anh paints Julia, she says she loves and then says jump in my car and off they go. Or Julia interviews Anh on hers and the last stop is at the Studio Brush With Fame is filmed at and then that show starts, would be good if it was done as one show ends and the other begins (but an hour special).

  2. Think it was non ratings looking at some of those low numbers. Outside the News and Block only average or below average numbers for this time of year. Seve have nothing outside of AFL that rate

        • In recent weeks, Seven News, H&A, The Chase, BH&G. After Farmer POO was a flop no arguments, and it has treaded water to get to SAS Australia. Pandemic has disrupted Seven & 10 programming more than Nine, so some context there. After CEO said 7:30 needs to improve 2 have worked (BB / Farmer) one has not, pressure is on SAS. More on these next week.

        • Yes and ABC News frequently beats ACA, it doesn’t mean ACA rates badly. H&A is 30+ years, still competitive, sold to the UK, Seven owns the IP, performs in demos & timeshifted. The Project does very well for 10 demos even though H&A beats it. But to the original point, more than just AFL rates for 7.

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