Axed: Doctor Foster not returning

“We’re definitely done," says writer Mike Bartlett.

UK drama Doctor Foster, starring Suranne Jones & Jodie Comer, is done at two seasons and will not be returning for a third.

Writer Mike Bartlett has told The Sun, “We’re definitely done and we’re all doing — ­certainly they are doing — amazing things.

“Each of the two series feel like two ­different novels to me, so it’s not like there’s anything incomplete.

“It would only come back if we had the right story to tell in the right way — and I don’t have a burning desire to find that story.”

The series aired in Australia on BBC First and ABC.

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  1. For anyone who is interested there is a new six part drama series called Life which has Victoria Hamilton playing the same character that she played in Doctor Foster in it. It also starts Alison Steadman ….

  2. Wait … didn’t production already start on a third and final season?? I remember seeing photos from the read-through

    Oh no, wait … that was Keeping Faith. My mistake.

    Agreed that it’s disappointing to end it where they did. Deserves for the whole story to be told to the point of resolution. I made the mistake of watch the final 2 eps back-to-back. I think my stomach righted itself by the next morning.

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