Big Weather: Oct 27

The final episode of Big Weather (And How to Survive It) sees Craig Reucassel learn how to escape from a stranded car in rapid floodwaters.

After three years of brutal drought, the hottest summer on record and a devastating fire season, Australia’s east coast is hit by a severe low trough.

In this final episode, Craig finds himself facing floodwaters as two months of rain falls in just two days in Sydney, the heaviest rainfall experienced in 20 years.

Craig is put to the test as he learns how to escape from a sinking car and through virtual reality, watches Parramatta disappear under rising waters.

From every extreme weather disaster come tales of resilience. As the violent summer draws to a close, Craig finds consolation in the positive actions of others. He visits inspiring communities who have not only survived disaster but found innovative ways to mitigate against future catastrophe.

Production credits: Screen Australia and Australian Broadcasting Corporation present in association with Screen Queensland, a DMA Creative production in association with Northern Pictures.

8:30pm Tuesday on ABC.

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  1. TasTVcameraman

    I certainly hope that the previous one on bushfire will be repeated and hopefully people who live in the bush will know what they are going to do about their life in a bushfire, with a proper plan to make sure that they are going to be able to get out, and save lives.

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