Every Family Has a Secret: Oct 6

Tuesday is the season final for Every Family Has a Secret with two more stories, involving a sex worker mother and a possible Soviet spy.

The season finale centres around the family secrets of Perth woman Elizabeth Brierley and Paris-based Australian expat Paul Morris. Elizabeth is searching for the truth about her sex worker mum and her connection to murdered Western Australian brothel owner Shirley Finn. Elizabeth has long suspected her unknown father may be a corrupt cop implicated in the horrific unsolved crime- now a DNA test reveals her father’s true identity. And Paul Morris delves into the murky world of espionage to discover whether his father was a Soviet spy or just a man unfairly targeted because of his political beliefs. Uprooted from his birthplace and spending his childhood in China and Russia, Paul returns to Australia seeking the truth about his father.

7:30pm Tuesday on ABC.

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