Friday Flashback: 1987 Logie Awards

Who doesn’t love a hi-energy Logies number?

In 1987 TEN was the host broadcaster with Don Lane as compere.

Somebody thought it would be a good idea to sing each of the network theme songs.

Here’s Michael Cormick with some exited big-hair dancers.


  1. The good old days when the Logies had hi-energy numbers… and hosts. Sure, these numbers may be daggy now, but at least they were catchy and entertaining.

  2. Be sure to see the opening song and dance number to that Logies. Missed cues, Denise Drysdale snubbed, steely looks from the host, a site gag from Daryl Somers and Kerri-Anne with the largest and shiniest shoulder pads you could imagine! Peak 1980s!

    • Quite possibly I reckon. It even gets applause halfway through the set, and clearly is the standout jingle of the lot. Still the One is one of the best tv jingles ever!

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