Gallery: 10’s Wizard of Oz

At Thursday’s Upfronts, 10 very cleverly opened with a Wizard of Oz homage starring The Living Room cast.

As a tornado loomed upon their set and they began to be spirited away, Amanda Keller as Dorothy exclaimed “Wait I forgot Toto!” before picking up an old Toto CD.  Cute.

Chris Brown was Scarecrow, Baz DuBois was Tinman and Miguel made a very passable Cowardly Lion.

Before long Sandra Sully appeared as Glinda the Good Witch, a tad concerned at Hughesy’s feet pinned underneath a house…. Osher was an Oz gatekeeper  and Julia Morris outrageous as Wicked Witch of the West.

Amanda Keller (or a vocal substitute) sang Over the Rainbow, which expanded to include vision of other network personalities miming including Waleed Aly and Melissa Leong.

Riffing on the theme “there’s no place like home” it led to I’m a Celebrity and The Amazing Race Australia returning to Oz locations.

It was well-produced fun  -lots of CGI work- in keeping with the network’s irreverence, congrats to the promo team.

Alas the vision is not available to share, due to rights. Sorry guys!


  1. If only the people who made the promo could also make some decent shows for the network that aren’t Bachelor/Bachelorette based or ‘Celebrity’ anything esp Celebrity Masterchef.

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