Gallery: The New Legends of Monkey

Season 2 of The New Legends of Monkey recently returned to Netflix, filmed in New Zealand and produced by See-Saw Films.

Season two centres around three misfit gods with an accidental leader must learn to use all their skills collaboratively if they are to overcome the chaos of demon rule and restore proper balance to the world.

“Before we started filming, I flew to Thailand to do a Muay Thai camp in Bangkok with a couple of friends of mine and we worked on a lot of fitness, a lot of the technique. I wanted to try and throw some Muay Thai into my fight scenes,” said Chai Hansen (Monkey).

“I also trained with one of the stunt team who is a kung fu expert. Probably the most challenging aspect of training was working on my technique because it was important that we got it right!

“It would have been very easy to go down the path of the stereo-typical villain but I wanted to have Shadow Monkey coming from a positive place in his own mind.

“The way I separated the two characters was through energy. Shadow Monkey is quite young, he’s very naïve so he approaches things without thinking about them and he’s highly energetic, like a toddler. Whereas Monkey, who is also child-like in many respects, has lived a long time already so there’s an element of experience that is evident in how he relates to the world.”

The cast also features Luciane Buchanan, Josh Thomson, Emilie Cocquerel, Atticus Iti, Simon Prast, Michelle Ang & Joel Tobeck.

Producer is Robin Scholes, Directors are Peter Andrikidis & Thomas Robins, with Dave Garbett as Director of Photography.



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