If Gogglebox were a sitcom…

As the Gogglebox finale looms, TV Tonight recasts our favourites into an imaginary sitcom.

Whenever I’ve watched Gogglebox favourites Lee & Keith I’m always drawn to the fact that while the insults and bickering fly across the couch there is always unconditional love between them.

And these are the same qualities we find in TV sitcoms. Good ones, anyway.

So it got me to thinking…. what would our families look like if they were the stars of their own sitcom?

With the Season Final screening this week, here’s a little valentine to another great year and a look at what a fictional sitcom might look like for each.

To Have & to Hold.

EPISODE #5: When Keith realises he has forgotten his wedding anniversary yet again, he attempts to surprise Lee putting on his best clobber, cueing up Funkytown and trying to recreate their first date at a Blue Light Disco. But when Lee discovers old love letters from her childhood sweetheart she starts to wonder if it’s time to talk about, talk about, talk about movin’?

Greeks on the Couch

EPISODE #12: Break out the bakaliaros and skordalia! It’s Greek Independence Day and Faye is preparing a feast, but when Anastasia’s distant cousin Spiro arrives from London, three becomes a crowd. But all hell is about to break loose when they discover he has pilfered part of the Greek Marbles into his suitcase. Malaka!

Sugar & Spice

EPISODE #7: When a hot online date turns up for a night of Netflix & chill with Tim, Leanne recognises him from work. To make matters worse, it’s her boss -and he swings both ways. Does she ruin her brother’s night of bliss and possibly lose her job?


EPISODE #22: In the season finale, Jad has to choose between a night on the town with Rick Stein or Miss Lakemba 2014. But Matty & Sarah Marie have their hands full when Bane gets chronic hiccups.  Again.

Meet the Daltons

EPISODE #11. Matt turns over-protective when Milly & Holly bring home new dates and interrogates them in front of his daughters. All he wants is the best for his girls, but all Kate wants is to show them slides of her trip to a Kenyan Safari Range.

Down at Delpechitra’s

EPISODE #16: Patrick Delpechitra wins a contest for the family to watch the Australian Cricket Team in South Africa, but when his favourite team is at risk of losing to the locals, he offers a surefire family tip to help them win the game: sandpaper.

Everyone’s a Critic

EPISODE #9: Mick & Di are horrified to discover the latest art they’ve been selling to a high-end gallery is a fake. But Di hatches a plan to make a switcheroo if only Mick can keep talking long enough to distract the owner. A tall order!


Love, Emmie

EPISODE #15: When Isabelle Silbery tries to choose a wedding venue, mum Kerry baulks at the cost and suggests a garden ceremony with earth colours and a meat-free banquet. But gran Emily suggests to follow in her footsteps: elope at midnight and a skinny-dip honeymoon.


EPISODE #20: When Chantel gets into a war with her neighbour over the recycling, Kaday offers to step in and mediate. But things escalate when she realises its her own father Chantel has berated -and it just went viral on Facebook.

The Elias Bunch

EPISODE #10: It’s parent / teacher night for Les & Danielle, so Jacob is entrusted with babysitting sisters Lily Rose & Ivy. But when he locks himself out of the house the girls get a little sisterly revenge.

Dude, Where’s my Surfboard?

EPISODE #17: While arguing about who has been single the most, best mates Milo & Nic agree to a bet about who can be master of their domain the longest.

Gogglebox season finale is 7:30pm tonight on LifeStyle and 8:40pm Thursday on 10.

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  1. Love this , David.
    Lee and Keith are my favourites as well. Such a warm and funny, down to earth couple and really enjoy their good natured bickering and the way they ‘ bounce off each other’.

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