New streamer Femflix, by women, for women.

Another new streaming platform has launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Femflix offers curated stories about women, made by women, with scripted features, documentaries, mini-series and short-form content.

Content focuses on the stories that reflect equality behind the camera with at least one female-identifying person in the role of Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer or Lead Protagonist.

Subscriptions are priced at $8.99 AUD per month and there is a 30-day free trial.

Founder Samantha Laidlaw, who’s worked in the screen industry for over 10 years, aims to keep the library at around 200 titles to reduce ‘scroll fatigue.’

Titles come from Transmission Films, Bonsai Films, Vendetta Films and screen industry bodies like WIFT Australia, Bus Stop Films, Film Fatales, Screen Vixens, Primetime Network, and Diversity in
Australia Media.

Developed in response to the rise of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, Femflix hopes to create change in the media industry by increasing gender parity with an aim for 50/50 representation.

Laidlaw says, “Our goal is to shine a spotlight on female-filmmakers both in Australia, New
Zealand and from around the world and to increase availability of female-centric storytelling
for audiences.

“As a woman, it’s important to see yourself reflected on screen and have access to storytelling through a female-gaze.”

Australian title include Tracks, 52 Tuesdays, Strangerland and feature doc The Song Keepers, while international documentaries include Janis, I Am No Bird, Ready to Fly and Becoming Traviata. Among the narrative features are Palo Alto, The Third Wife, Suffragette and Exhibition.


  1. jezza the first original one

    While this may appeal to some, I do hope that we are not entering an era of segregated flix. Coming up.. blokeflix, hateflix, straightflix, soapflix, gayflix, bameflix ….the list could be endless. I like the randomness of scrolling, we are currently having an evening laugh with Emily in Paris as recommended by my daughters..

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