Oops. ABC News reporter drops F-bomb


ABC News reporter Elias Clure has apologised for a profanity he dropped in frustration whilst trying to give an update on hotel quarantine in Melbourne.

After slipping out an F-bomb the vision quickly switched to Ros Childs in the Sydney studio.

“Apologies for that we’ll try and see what happened,” she told viewers. Reckon viewers already worked it out….

Melburnians have been under stress through Stage 4 restrictions -or as Nine’s Lana Murphy said succinctly in August “F*** my life!”

Clure has tweeted an apology, noting this was a pre-recorded outtake that was not meant to air.


  1. This is what you get with time poor, overworked Journo’s editing their own stories and no one else checking it before it goes to air. I hope there’s someone left in the newsroom who has time to edit all these together for the Christmas Goof Tape. We need a good laugh this year!

  2. daveinprogress

    He is forgiven! Elias has been doing an absolutely sterling job as have all Victorian reporters (especially the ABC ones). He is usually really good with live crosses. This error seems not to be his, but editors/producers using the wrong take. It happens.

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