Q&A: Nov 2

Monday’s Q&A looks at the upcoming US Presidential Election.

It’s the contest that’s captivating the world, Donald Trump versus Joe Biden.

Who will win and what will the result mean for us here in Australia?

America is bitterly divided, the economy is in trouble and COVID-19 is still ravaging the population.

The polls and history are against Trump, voters tend to punish sitting presidents during recessions but there’s never been a presidential race quite like this one.

Will Trump once again defy his critics and the predictions and secure a second term?

Kim Hoggard, Former senior Republican White House staffer
Damien Cave, Australian Bureau Chief, New York Times
Salvatore Babones, Political sociologist, University of Sydney
Lydia Khalil, International Security Expert
Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Australian

Monday, November 2 at 9.35pm AEDT on ABC.

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