Returning: Adam Hills: The Last Leg

Hillsy is back in London for a new season, screening next week on ABC Comedy.

New episodes of Adam Hills: The Last Leg will return to ABC Comedy next week, just days after their UK premiere.

Hillsy is back in London after being in lockdown in Melbourne during the first wave, and hosting a virtual version of the show.

The show will use photos of their audience to create a virtual studio audience.

Fast-tracked from the UK, a new season of The Last Leg is here. Join Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker plus special guests for an entertaining, off-beat look at the big events of the past week.

8:30pm Tuesday on ABC Comedy.

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  1. TLL has already “returned” with their annual SU2C special.

    Adam, Josh, Alex & quests are back in the studio with a Covid “safe” set and no audience. The crew and the cameras, including “Mike the cameraman” are all dressed in full hazmat suits (not sure if that’s how it will be in the future or a “comedy” shot for this episode … I suspect the former).

    Anyway, just like the 2 episodes of the truncated QI season 18 that were broadcast without an audience, TLL simply falls flat without an audience.

    Lastly, I presume that C4, or BBC Worldwide or the ABC will continue to cut 8 mins from the show as broadcast here in Oz, which has been the case for at least the last 6 seasons.

      1. Agreed, which is why I wrote returned inside quotes. The ABC has never broadcast any of the TLL specials. I’m not entirely sure if the ABC has even broadcast the “The Last Leg of the Year” shows either.

        My comment was more to the fact that, IMHO, how shows such as TLL, QI and a host of similar shows, their character is completely changed with social distancing and the removal of the audience.

        I guess, the comedian needs the audience, and the audience needs the comedian.

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