Returning: Teen Mom Australia

Reality series Teen Mom Australia returns later this month, interestingly with a simultaneous screening on both MTV and 10 Shake, given both are owned by ViacomCBS.

This is the second season produced by WTFN, based on a US format (hence the title spelling), and includes a new cast member.

In season one we explored the lives of Ammi, Sita and Georgina as they tried to find the right balance between childcare, relationships and teenage life. All three girls are back again but the family just got a little bigger!

This season we met Tanisha, a young Melbourne mum who is trying to manage a life filled with nappies, tears and tantrums combined with the everyday drama and complexities of simply being a teenager.

Dealing with the arrival of a new baby, relationship breakdowns, financial challenges and issues with anxiety; this season our mums are put to the test.

But it ain’t all tears and tantrums! With the support of partners, friends and family these girls can do anything.

8:30pm Tuesday October 27 on MTV / 10 Shake.

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