Roxy Jacenko hits back over SAS Australia criticism

Roxy Jacenko has posted an angry Instagram after negative online comments following her early exit in SAS Australia.

Jacenko reportedly lasted a few hours before she was seen quitting the show in its season premiere last night.

“To be candid I shouldn’t even need to post this – but I am left with no choice. To date I haven’t shared these images because I don’t think that it’s necessary to share an accident where I was fortunate enough to get better when many would have sustained long term and irreparable damage. These photos were 6 weeks exactly before I left to join @sasaust7 – after reading the barrage of comments by people on my Instagram tonight I’ve decided – f*** it – I’ll post. For the f*** wits that have left comments on the post previous to this which I encourage you to read as it shows how alive and well these keyboard warriors are, let me explain how weak and fake I am. I fractured my hip and pelvis when on a horse for a job – the saddle slipped and I fell off. I got back on the horse so as not to bother the rest of the riders and disrupt their ride and then took myself to Emergency where I spent the next two days. Followed by 6 weeks on my back with daily Clexane injections and physio, orthapedic surgeon appointments etc. So if weak and pathetic is showing up to @sasaust7 because I had committed to it 6 months prior and put 6 days a week training into it no matter what my injuries were well then so be it.

“I think what it shows was, I had a commitment, I showed up and I tried my very best – which given the circumstances was a hell of a lot given my situation. I recall saying to my orthopaedic surgeon – “I may have to fall out of a chopper can you suggest a way to do this with my fractures” his answer was simply “don’t” – I did what I could but the reality is, my health is my number one priority with two children and a staff of 22 who rely on me – not a show for people’s entertainment and to give them something to troll / gossip about subsequently. Having had cancer some three years ago I know that I didn’t need to take the chance of doing myself more harm. Anyway I think it simply shameful I had to post this & as I went to include my hospital discharge paperwork I stopped myself and thought – you know what – F*** them this is more than enough! I don’t need to prove anything to anyone I don’t know!”

The former 10 reality star was seen struggling through the show’s early challenges and declining to get into ice cold water. She became the first celebrity to quit.

“I’ve always had the mindset of take every opportunity that comes your way. But people think that I can’t or won’t, or wouldn’t expect it. And that’s been every single thing that I’ve done,” she said on air.

“But for me, it doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks, it doesn’t matter if you get to day 12 or day two, the fact that I’ve actually taken the punt to do it with determination and grit no matter what, that’s enough for me.”


  1. It seems odd and i would think impossible in this litigious world today that producers would allow an injured person to take part in the show. Regardless, a sore hip or leg should not prevent someone from lying in cold water up to their neck. In fact the cold would be soothing for such an injury. As the Staff keep asserting, its about character, and unfortunately Roxy revealed hers and it was severely lacking. A complete contrast in character to the AFLW player who chose to take on the Honeybadger. I commend her for her bravery and willingness to test herself.

  2. Oh dear Roxy. Been reading the PR books again. As expressed a hundred plus years ago by Oscar Wilde: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”.

  3. She’s such a bloody sook. She constantly puts her face out there, desperately seeking attention – and still most people wouldn’t have a clue who she is…or care. Stop posting is you really don’t care.

  4. To be fair nobody knew this from watching the show, the trainers were the ones calling her those things which was brutal, I don’t blame her for leaving, especially if she was recovering from previous ailments she most likely would have hurt herself further. Doing it for peoples entertainment, I watched the show and it wasn’t entertaining, was hard to watch, certainly wasn’t entertaining.

    • It’s because they Rate and appease the advertisers, it is also why the Streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime etc., are commissioning Reality Shows now as well. In their case enticing viewers in and hoping to keep them for other shows, however all the same they are. As for F.T.A TV, when the other types of shows garner similar ratings on the secondary channels as they do on the main ones, think NCIS and etc., even The Good Fight on SBS is low, then they’d be dead in a heartbeat without these types of shows. While F.T.A TV may be on the out with a lot of people these types of shows aren’t causing it, what may ultimately kill it off though is the Streamers taking the Reality fight to the Terrestrials.

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