SAS Australia wins Monday slot for Seven

SAS Australia is off to a noisy start for Seven, winning its slot at 834,000 viewers.

The show trended at #1 on social media with considerable enthusiasm, and press coverage for the exit of Roxy Jacenko.

That upstaged The Block (783,000), Australian Story (617,000), 7:30  (602,000) and Junior Masterchef (454,000).

Later it was Have You Been Paying Attention? (735,000 and topping all demos), Media Watch (491,000), Four Corners (478,000), RBT (365,000) and The Rookie (284,000 / 280,000) -a hefty fall for Seven.

Nine may have led in primary channels but Seven network won Monday with 27.4% then Nine 27.1%, 10 20.4%, ABC 18.4% and SBS 6.6%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.02m / 991,000 for Seven. Home & Away drew 582,000 and The Chase was 516,000 / 326,000.

Nine News (941,000 / 957,000) led for Nine. A Current Affair drew 731,000 then Hot Seat (492,000 / 287,000).  Nine News late was 196,000 and Footy Classified was 135,000 in 3 cities.

The Project pulled 530,000 / 333,000 for 10. 10 News First (324,000 / 222,000) and Drunk History (288,000) followed.

ABC News won its slot at 733,000. Q&A (284,000) and The Drum (190,000) also ranked for ABC.

On SBS it was SBS World News (179,000), Great House Revival (164,000), 24 Hours In Emergency (123,000), Mastermind (75,000) and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown (64,000).

NCIS led multichannels at 176,000.

Sunrise: 233,000
Today: 215,000
News Breakfast: 123,000 / 63,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 19 October 2020



  1. I turned over at 8.30 to watch the show after SAS and all I heard was the F word. It was not bleaped out very successfuly. I don’t think this show is suitable for the younger folk and even I was offended.

  2. I intend to catchup on it. I’m enjoying junior masterchef at the moment and seriously those kids are adorable and they have the right judges to mentor them.

  3. Great to see SAS Australia crushed it in the ratings! Great work to everybody enjoyed! I really enjoyed the cast and the premiere episode! Bring on the rest of the season!

  4. harrypotter1994

    I initially wasn’t going to watch SAS Australia but then I saw the runtime was short so gave it a go and quite enjoyed it. As Simmo3 said it is unfortunate that some contestants barely got screen time though like I don’t think Jackson Warne even got his name mentioned.

  5. Despite the ratings today, this show should not be on at 7.30pm, if at all. It was laced with foul language (albeit bleeped out, but nonetheless still legible), face-to-face violence, bullying, belittling, and a whole range of bad behaviours it seems intent on normalising, yet these same behaviours are abhorred in the real world. No wonder our young, decent soldiers come back to civilian life laced with PTSD and other mental health issues if this is how they are ‘trained’ for service to their country. It’s actually really sad that this ‘pushing people to their emotional and physical boundaries and abusing them the whole way through’ is on TV for ‘entertainment’. If a show where you watch your fellow humans endure such appalling behaviour is your thing, good luck – we switched off 10 minutes in. And while the curiosity factor may still be in play tonight, i expect the ratings will…

      • The classification is not the issue. It’s the fact that this show is normalising (and promoting) such abhorrent, and downright mean behaviour to another human being, which can so easily become mirrored by kids. They would be better showing us how to prevent violence and truly care for our returning soldiers, than making a load of lower-list ‘celebs’ try to find out how much physical and emotional pain they can endure while masking it as entertainment. As I said, good luck to those who enjoy it. Our household is after much more humane and kinder TV!

        • Kids shouldn’t be watching M content. There’s also a warning on viewer discretion at the top. SBS did a show on recruit training a decade ago, a doco not reality, also brutal. I think it was M at 8:30.

        • I don’t think you understand the show. If you stick with it I think you’ll find that underneath it is one of the most caring and compassionate reality shows around.

          • I note Guy Sebastian has also claimed the show is setting a very bad precedent in regards to normalising violence:


          • Now we find out that the presenter/host has a history of violence, including assaulting a policewoman:

  6. I love the UK version of SAS, and this was right up there in terms of quality. Not sure if it will grow tired with so many more contestants than the UK series, so presumably it will be a longer run episode wise.

    Still, off to a great start.

  7. The duration of SAS Australia’s premiere episode had the appropriate sum of content without mollifying the viewers. I’m not big on aggression or vulgarity unless it is used for inventive reasons. I know the classification system is intricate, but I can’t comprehend why all the curses were covered up, given the show had an M classification. Plus, I imagine the use of such colourful language is apt with the style of the program.

  8. In all the ads and stuff the chief guy says he doesn’t care who they are or what they have done, doesn’t want to know. Then they do an interview/interrogation with Shapelle and talk about what she has done?? Not sure about that?

  9. Switch over to give it a go and stayed until the end. Such a compelling and thought provoking show. Too bad Corby was highlighted so much but hopefully that will change. Best reality show of the year.

    • Maybe she was highlighted so much because she is the big drawcard and got a lot of the viewers. I intend to watch it on 7plus only because of her.

  10. Just checking, was this originally called who dares wins? I haven’t watched the show yet but certainly will, but it’s nothing like the 90s show I’m guessing

  11. I watched last SAS last night but won’t worry again, just too much misery when I’ve had enough of that this year just want something uplifting or humourous thankfully ‘have you been paying attention’ was on after this to brighten the mood after the downer this show was.

  12. Loved It! One of my favourite new shows of the past few years. Real. Compelling. Brutal. Agree with simmo3 comment that seemed to focus alot on Honey Badger, Schapelle, Candice and Ali Oetjen so can only assume these story arcs mean they are some of the ones who stick around. But great work 7!

  13. I was surprised I actually watched the whole episode of SAS Australia ….will watch again though I didn’t like how they concentrated on one or two participants….I had no idea who many of the others were and had to find out for myself. I am sure those who got the most camera time will be loving it but feel sorry for the more unknown ones.

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