Saturday Night Live returning to FOX8

US sketch series returns to FOX8 this weekend, with singer Adele.

A number of readers have been asking about Saturday Night Live, and I’m pleased to finally bring you an answer.

After some discussions this will now be returning to FOX8 at 8:30pm this Saturday.

It will screen S46 E4 featuring UK singer Adele, which screened last weekend in the US.

The first 3 eps of S46 dropping at Foxtel on Demand in the following days.

Thanks for you patience, at least we got there…

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  1. Well after two weeks they have showed episode 4 and 5 and next week (yahoo) they are going to give us episode 1!!!!. You can’t even use series link on Foxtel. and By the way so much for accessing earlier episodes on-demand – that’s not an option yet either. Great to see up to date political comedy in a timely manner !!!!

  2. Will this weeks episode screen on Sunday, or are they really going to let every news and radio show screen the newsworthy parts an entire week before them? Being 7 days behind would be very on brand for Foxtel.

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