SBS on Demand: Petra

Italian crime drama Petra screens at SBS on Demand later this week.

This premiered internationally in September. All four episodes will be available to stream.

In Italian with English subtitles.

Police Inspector Petra Delicato (Paola Cortellesi) works in the archive department of the Genoa Flying Squad. That is, until the day in which, due to staff shortage, she is assigned her first operational case. She finds herself working alongside the Police Constable Antonio Monte (Andrea Pennacchi), an old-fashioned, middle-aged man with a rational mind. The polite, old-school widower and the direct, unconventional, two-times divorcee find themselves catapulted into a new world and working together on different cases: a horrific series of rapes in the old city alleyways, the illegal trade of fighting dogs, the strict and harsh world of religious sects, the darkest secrets of the world of television.

Antonio struggles with having a female boss, especially as Petra doesn’t allow anyone to undermine her authority. But once they overcome their initial personality clashes and differing work methods, they realise they complement each other perfectly and form an unprecedented investigative duo. Soon, they develop a bond that cannot be defined. They are continuously in conflict yet they can’t live without each other. This will also lead them to try and solve the biggest of life’s mysteries: what is the secret of happiness?

Thursday, 29 October 2020 on SBS On Demand.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I have never had an issue with SBS On Demand…until now?….
    They have changed their site…I have done absolutely nothing different…now getting this message….
    ‘Video Playback Error
    Sorry, we’ve encountered an error playing this video. If you have an ad blocker turned on, try turning it off or whitelisting our website before trying again.’
    I cannot turn off something I have not knowingly turned on…neither do I understand ‘whitelisting’….So guess no more SBS catch up/streaming for me⁉

    • There is something in your browser that SBS thinks is an adblocker. SBS hasn’t played with an adblocker in operation for some time. Check out the options for extensions in the browser. Whitelist just means disabling the adblocker for the On Demand website. If that isn’t the problem you can try a clean install of the browser, or try another browser.

    • The issue could also be operating system related, some older TV’s may also no longer get the security certificate updates needed for some apps, especially for an app with an advertising algorithm that behaves like adware and is highly intrusive as anyone fast forwarding an SBS stream will find out.
      A number of recent user interface updates work best on later versions of Android or 2019-20 TV’s. Bitrates could be reduced for UHD, 4K content in the future, with Netflix leading the way.

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