Seven counter-sues Simon Reeve

Network hits back against longtime presenter as legal stoush over entitlements continues.

Seven has fired back at former presenter Simon Reeve by counter-suing him in the Federal Court.

Reeve, who departed the network in June, is embroiled in a legal fight over what he claims are monies due for annual leave and redundancy, interest and costs.

Seven maintains he was a contractor as Simon Reeve Productions Pty Limited and not due employee entitlements.

The Daily Mail reports Seven believes if a judge rules he was entitled to the protections of an employee, then he should have to pay back six years of wages paid to his contracting company.

“If Seven is ordered to pay any compensation to Reeve, Seven will have suffered loss or damage because of the contravening conduct of SRP (or) of Reeve and is entitled to compensation against them,” the document claims.

Seven has argued the court should find that Reeve and his business contravened the Fair Work Act and has sought an order that he pay interest and legal costs.

But Reeve’s lawyer John Laxon slammed Seven’s cross-claim as ‘completely devoid of merit’.

“So much so that I doubt their lawyers are actually prepared to run the argument in court,” he said.

Reeve has worked for Seven, at various times, over the past 4 decades including on State Affair, Beyond 2000, Seven News, Sunrise, It’s Academic, Million Dollar Minute, Weekend Sunrise, and The Force.

The case returns to court on November 11.