1. Bit harsh to call it a disgusting show. Sure, it’s confronting at times, but all of the participants would have been well briefed before they (willingly) agreed to participate. They may not have been told exactly what was coming, but it’s not a cooking competition they signed up for. It’s SAS.

  2. SAS Australia is a disgusting show. Men told to hit women, women hitting women, people being degraded, belittled – Wow, do you call that great entertainment? Stuff that happens in the defence force should stay in the defence force and not be made into ‘entertainment’.

  3. Today is going well in Qld because Karl comes from here and talks it up everyday. They also put Tim the weather guy up here weeks ago. Sunrise missed the boat and have only just been able to get Sam Mac up here from last week. Today show format is much slicker now and more informative I think.

  4. Schapelle’s early exit from SAS was well known in advance as she was seen in town when the show was still being filmed.In the early stages. Interesting to see the ratings next week with the Schapelle curiosity missing.

  5. From what I’ve read elsewhere, Sunrise’s softening numbers are largely due to drops in Melbourne and Brisbane. Surely that’s a wake up call that viewers in those markets don’t like being hectored to by an entitled, rich Sydneysider about how badly she thinks their state governments are managing the pandemic (or anything else for that matter).

      • Peta Credlin is the only one that is asking the pertinent questions, if it wasn’t for her, Chairman Dan would still be holding onto his telephone records, all respect to Peta!

    • Since Today has been doing so well in Brisbane Sunrise has been doing promos how they are really the Brisbane show. Look for more promos soon for viewer prizes.

    • I think that Sam does a great job, and Sunrise is a news and variety show so pointing out mis management of anything, including the pandemic is kind of her job.

        • Spot on Gaz. Sunrise seem to have not grasped that the border closures have widespread support here. Having the Courier Mail, who usually take any old excuse to slag of Palaszczuk, have backed right off her about them.

          • clem_official

            What about Sarah who wasn’t allowed to come from virus free ACT to go to her Father’s funeral? There are many of stories like this, everyday Australians being left behind by QLD’s Labor govt.

      • I’ve switched to 9 in the mornings lately for the first time ever. While I like Kochie and Larry, Today and Today Extra feel a bit fresher. 7 is starting to feel a bit tired and same old. Also I like the fact 9’s programs have a slightly more serious tone.

      • Not when she’s championing rogue local traders – in 60 minutes-style as if they are local heroes – who are opening their shops in defiance of the Vic Govt lockdown and putting everyone at risk.

    • The block is a bit dull this year. I normally just watch the Sunday episodes but even then I’m finding this year I can’t be bothered. SAS is the first show in years I’ve noticed people in my circle talking about in a positive way (looking at you, MAFS!)

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