Seven Upfronts 2021: what can we expect?

New CEO James Warburton is about to unveil some of the world's biggest Reality brands.

Seven unveils its 2021 Upfronts to advertisers and media at midday AEDT on Wednesday.

CEO James Warburton had not been in charge long last year when he hit the stage at 2020 Upfronts, but this year he can freely put his stamp on the slate (despite no Chief Content Officer yet being appointed). 2021 will be a major reset with some big brands, such as MKR, unlikely to return. Word is the boss has gone big on content, despite the financial pressures and COVID, pursuing some of the biggest Reality brands in the world.

The 2020 Olympics are rescheduled to late July, so fingers crossed they can proceed. We are also awaiting coach named for The Voice (is Mariah really in the mix?). It’s just one of a number of big Reality TV franchises to be teased. Unlike Nine & 10, Seven is likely to tease footage too, potentially from Holey Moley, Ultimate Tag, drama RFS and more…

On the rumour front, TV Tonight hears whispers of The Great Australian Bake-Off moving from Foxtel, will we hear more on an unnamed dating show in which ‘celebrities will match make sexy singles’ -and stay tuned for a very big announcement at the end of the show.

Olympic Games,
The Voice,
Big Brother,
Holey Moley,
Ultimate Tag,
Farmer Wants a Wife,
Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Expected to be renewed:
Home & Away,
Better Homes & Gardens,
The Morning Show,
The Chase,
The Front Bar,
Border Security,
Highway Patrol,
Carols in the Domain

Future unknown:
My Kitchen Rules,
House Rules,
SAS Australia,
Plate of Origin,
Between Two Worlds,
Pooch Perfect,
All-New Monty,
First Dates,

Did not screen in 2020:
Holey Moley,
Australia’s Got Talent,
Mates on a Mission,
Wife Swap,
One Lane Bridge,
Fam Time,
Filthy Rich

Did not screen in 2018 / 2019 / 2020:
Australian Gangster

The Great Australian Bake Off,
Celebrity dating show,
Surprise announcement

TV Tonight will be Live blogging 12pm AEDT Wednesday (just hit refresh).

29 Responses

  1. No no no don’t let 7 get bake off they would destroy it it’s great on Foxtel they have nailed it the judges are great it’s just right at 10x1hour episodes a season it’s almost always Foxtel’s number 1 rating show in its slot so I hope they fight hard to keep it

  2. Funny how in 2020 we were expected to get two AGT shows and we get none. I would assume they rollover into 2021 although with The Voice on the books now, maybe we might just get the one. As for Voice as a fan, i’m worried for the production of the show. Especially hearing the rumours that battles and/or knockouts could be out completely. Like what? Don’t get me wrong, i don’t like that phase of the voice where so many get culled but you can’t change the format like that.

  3. I do hope House Rules gets renewed it was’nt all that bad with Jamie Durie as host but like with most shows it has room for improvement. Got cut short this year cause of the virus, hopefully next season will be better if it gets renewed.

  4. Between two worlds better bloody come back with that cliffhanger ending. They need to stop ending on a cliffhanger if they don’t know if it’s coming back. Playing for keeps did the same thing.

      1. I didn’t watch the series. I recorded it on to my Hard drive and then after all the negative comments about the cliff hanger and the muddled storylines. I have deleted it, which is a shame, as I like to support Aussie dramas.

  5. Oh dear God please let that rumour of Bake Off moving from Foxtel be just that… a horrid rumour. Seven will ruin it. In its brilliant Foxtel format, it’s the kind of show that won’t last on FTA due to its lax nature. It’s friendly and low key vibe is the charm and what makes it brilliant in my eyes. The rigours of keeping eyeballs on TV with flashy stunts and big moments (that are completely overplayed) on FTA reality shows doesn’t compute with Bake Off. I fear it is too much of a delicate show to survive in the cutthroat, largely absurd world of FTA reality. And you bet Seven will contrive drama out of nothing.
    Oh no please let this be a horrid rumour.

    1. Completely agree with you Troy. Reading that at 6am was an awful way to start my week.
      It’s the daggy jokes and folksy charm that make Bake Off great. I shudder to think who channel 7 have in mind to host and judge it. And, they’re not exactly a network known for making reality shows that don’t involve high levels of bitching and sniping. Devastated.

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