Sonia Kruger out as Australia’s Got Talent judge

Ultra-busy host Sonia Kruger is out as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent.

Kruger was previously announced as a judge on the returning Seven show, but was off the list in yesterday’s Upfronts.

The reason? She already has three other shows she is fronting for Seven: Holey Moley, Big Brother and The Voice. That’s a busy schedule for anybody.

“Sonia is on some of our biggest shows, we don’t need her on AGT too,” Director of Programming Andrew Backwell told TV Tonight.

“You can see how good she is, she jumps off the screen. Watching her do the pieces on Big Brother, she’s superb talent, so she’s on 3 big shows.”

As Krugr herself noted yesterday in Seven’s Upfronts presentation, “The Voice is back, where it belongs. On whichever network I’m currently working at. Which is definitely Channel Seven.”

Ricki-Lee returns as AGT host, which leaves 4 judges to be confirmed (including possibly Manu Feildel who is now without a vehicle).

The show is due for late 2021.


  1. Omg I can’t stand Kruger why do 5hey keep in putting her on these shows and I also can’t believe that train wreck of a show AGT is still returning. I actually love the concept and show but not on channel 7

    • So you like the concept, and the show, but it’s a trainwreck when on Seven 🤔
      Seven is the original home of AGT, from 2007 to 2012, and then Nine absolutely butchered it before Seven rescued it.

  2. Glad Ricki is back hosting, she was great last season, maybe she could coach on The Voice too?!
    Is Celia P contracted to 10? If not she’d make a great judge on AGT.

  3. Honestly I expect them to keep the judging panel they announced this year and have an international star replace Sonia. That seems the most likely scenario. I did like Lucy though. I would love to see her return.

  4. I really didn’t mind Manu as a judge on AGT because he also is a trained clown. Yes for those who didnt know that. I think there Sonia Kruger if she in to many shows she will become the Osher of Channel 7

  5. Please don’t put Manu back on AGT. What advice can he offer the talent? He seems out of place there (like 7 is trying to find anywhere they can to get their money’s worth out of him – regardless of the format). He just doesn’t seem to add much to the show…

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