The Crown: teaser

This season will clearly be all about Diana...

A very lengthy teaser has dropped for Season 4 of The Crown.

This season will clearly be all about Diana, played by Emma Corrin alongside Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles.

Unless I’m mistaken the glimpse of Diana dancing in blue is a recreation of their visit to Melbourne in 1983. Bob Hawke had just been elected PM and the series even sees Richard Roxburgh recreate his role from 10 telemovie Hawke.

It premieres on Netflix on Sunday November 15.

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  1. thanks for this, with everything going on in life i forgot all about the upcoming season so hadn’t looked for any trailers lately. Just wow, Emma Corrin is Diana, great casting choice there, hopefully not just in looks. I feel its always better to use an relatively unknown actor for roles of the ultra famous. And speaking of which, i still can’t find Helena BC convincing as Princess Margaret.
    As for Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher, its bringing up some very mixed feelings for me seeing a woman i fancy portraying a politician i hate lol. Good to see her getting regular work though, she was brilliant in the Fall too.

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