Today Extra & The Morning Show tied for the week

There was a rare outcome last week in morning television.

Two morning shows had a rare tie last week.

Both Today Extra and The Morning Show tied on 112,000 viewers.

It’s a rare outcome given David Campbell & Sylvia Jeffreys (Belinda Russell co-hosts Thursdays & Fridays) are yet to win a week over Kylie Gillies & Larry Emdur this year.

What’s noteworthy is that Nine’s average is over 4 days because  Today Extra did not screen in Perth on Friday due to the US Presidential Debate. Seven’s figure is averaged over 5 days for The Morning Show. Seven sources suggest a 5 day average for both would have delivered them a win.

Seven won in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth markets, while Nine claimed Sydney & Brissy.

Today Extra last claimed a week in March 2018.

Meanwhile Sunrise won another week 233,000 to Today‘s 215,000, with Seven yet to lose a week this year.


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