US Presidential Election 2020: guide

All networks provide rolling coverage of US Election next Wednesday.

All networks will cover the US President Race next Wednesday November 4.

By 11am all networks will have joined in rolling coverage (all times are AEDT).


Tune-in to ABC + iview and ABC NEWS Channel from 6am to join Lisa Millar and Michael Rowland in Washington DC for a special US Election edition of News Breakfast.

From 10am, Ellen Fanning, Stan Grant and David Speers will have continuous and uninterrupted coverage as the day unfolds, with Antony Green providing state by state results and analysis, plus Casey Briggs examining the impact of COVID-19 on the election and Jeremy Fernandez exploring some of the big issues of the Trump presidency.

Throughout the day they will be joined by a panel of guests from Australia and across the United States, with regular live crosses to Michael Rowland and Philip Williams from Washington DC, and our US correspondents David Lipson and Kathryn Diss who will be with the Trump and Biden campaigns gauging reaction on the ground. Meanwhile, back in Australia Planet America hosts John Barron and Chas Licciardello will be on hand to give us their insights.

At 7pm, join 7.30’s Leigh Sales for a one-hour News Special, dissecting the ongoing events of the day and providing analysis of what the election result will mean for Australia and the world. Our regular 7pm presenters will join Leigh to present all the day’s local news.

At 8pm, on ABC NEWS channel, join host of Q+A Hamish Macdonald and The Drum presenter Julia Baird for deeper discussion and commentary about the outcome of the election. Has there been a clear result? Will there be legal challenges? Hamish and Julia will be joined by special guests to break it down.

Planet America has been the go-to show ahead of the 2020 US Election. Join John Barron and Chas Licciardello at 9pm on ABC NEWS channel (9:35pm on ABC TV) for an extended 2-hour live episode to examine the day’s events and results in their own inimitable way as they speak to Democratic and Republican players, along with other special guests.

At 11pm on ABC NEWS channel (11:35pm on ABC TV), The World with Beverley O’Connor will close the day, speaking with guests about the impact of the US Election on our region and our world.

In addition to all the US Election coverage, Joe O’Brien and Karina Carvalho will bring audiences the latest developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and other news stories across the day and night.


All the continuous and uninterrupted coverage is available to stream live on ABC iview. Also available to watch anytime on iview, a dedicated collection for USA Votes, including special reports by Jeremy Fernandez about President Trump’s first term – issues like foreign affairs, the economy, fake news and race relations. There will be deep dives from the Planet America team about the battleground states along key stories on the campaign.


America Decides 2020.

7NEWS will deliver Australia’s most in-depth coverage of the US Presidential Election – which shapes as one of the closest and most divisive polls in American history – featuring up-to-the-minute polling results, informed commentary and analysis from an unrivalled team of journalists and political experts Live on air, on 7plus and across 7NEWS.com.au and social platforms.

Committed to bringing viewers the most comprehensive and dynamic election coverage, across the week 7NEWS will broadcast every dramatic moment and all the madness as the race to the White House unfolds, backed by the exclusive resources of global broadcast news affiliates CNN and NBC.

All-day special coverage begins Wednesday with a special extended edition of Sunrise Live from 5.30am AEDT, with Kochie and Sam Live to Natalie Barr in Washington, D.C.

Then join Michael Usher and Angela Cox, Seven’s former US Correspondent of seven years who covered two US elections, for all-day Live rolling coverage from 10am AEDT. They’ll cross to 7NEWS US Bureau Chief Ashlee Mullany from inside Donald Trump’s camp and US Correspondent Tim Lester on the campaign trail with Joe Biden, while US Correspondents Paul Kadak and David Woiwod will have on-the-spot analysis from key battleground states across the US.

Joining the team throughout the day to provide insight and analysis are Professor Simon Jackson, CEO of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and one of Australia’s leading experts on US politics, foreign policy, public opinion and polling, and Damien Cave, the New York Times’ award-winning Australian correspondent.

Full details plus the day’s other headlines in your local 7NEWS at 6.00. Then tune in for a special edition of The Latest with Michael Usher Live from 10.30pm AEDT.

The high stakes, the madness – don’t miss a moment as the Greatest Showdown on Earth unfolds. Join 7NEWS for all-day coverage of the US Election starting with Sunrise Live from 5.30am (AEDT) Wednesday on Seven and 7plus.


America Decides 2020

Next week America goes to the polls to determine the leader of the free world for the next four years – and Nine will be there to bring you all the unfolding drama, live and free.

In what is arguably the most important election of a generation, voters will choose between four more years of Donald Trump or put Joe Biden in the White House, making him the oldest President in history.

Our coverage begins at 5.00am on Wednesday, November 4, with 9News Early Edition, followed by Today, which will run a special extended show until 11.00am.

The US election coverage starts at 11.00am and will be hosted by Peter Overton and Nine’s political expert and former US correspondent, Charles Croucher.

We will also cross regularly to Nine’s Political Editor Chris Uhlmann in Canberra and the network’s former long-time US correspondent, Robert Penfold, in Los Angeles.

Our three current US correspondents will be reporting live from the heart of the action.

Amelia Adams will be with the Trump camp at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC.

Alexis Daish will be with the Biden camp at the Chase Centre in Wilmington, Delaware (the same location at which he accepted the Democrat nomination).

And Tim Arvier will be at a Republican beach party in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Using the vast resources of our broadcast partner, CNN, Nine will also feature analysis and breaking news from their election experts.

Comprehensive reporting and a wrap of the day’s events will also be featured in 9News at 6.00pm, as well as 9News: Late Edition after the first NRL State of Origin match.


Network 10’s comprehensive coverage of the U.S. Elections will begin at 8.00am with Studio 10, America Decides 2020 at 11.00am, 10 News First bulletin at 5.00pm and The Project from 6.30pm.

11am: 10 News First Presents: America Decides 2020.

The exclusive coverage will be hosted by 10 News First’s Sandra Sully and Narelda Jacobs, with commentary from 10’s Network Political Editor, Peter van Onselen and a panel of contemporary experts with intimate knowledge about the U.S.

Joining them will be Network 10’s National Affairs Editor and highly regarded foreign correspondent Hugh Riminton, along with U.S. Correspondent Eammon Ashton-Atkinson and award-winning reporter Katherine Firkin, who have been on the ground criss-crossing the United States in the lead up to the election. On election day, they will be front and centre, bringing an Australian view and insight into the U.S. Election.

The unrivalled collaboration will see 10 News First complement its coverage with the CBS News broadcast, anchored from a new state-of-the-art election night studio in New York’s Times Square. Hosted by Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, and featuring some of the top political minds in the country, CBS News’ election night coverage will be supported by the latest technology to help explain the numbers and deliver accurate results and up-to-date data mapping.

Will President Donald Trump secure his second term in office or will former Vice President Joe Biden secure the top job?


11am – 4pm SBS News Special: US Election 2020

Live coverage of the US Election 2020 via SBS World News.

SKY News:

On November 4 from 5:00am AEDT Sky News Australia’s multi-platform coverage of the US Election will begin with on-the-ground reporters and commentators live from the US providing around-the-clock analysis on Election Day.

Join our unrivalled team live from the US including – Peter Stefanovic, Chris Kenny, Joe Hockey, Rita Panahi, James Morrow, Annelise Nielsen, The Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine and The Australian’s Cameron Stewart – as we find out if Americans choose Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democrat challenger Joe Biden to become the U.S. President.

Spearheading coverage from Australia, Chief News Anchor Kieran Gilbert will anchor key events of this history-defining election joined by Political Editor Andrew Clennell, Business Editor Ticky Fullerton and leading commentators Paul Murray, Peta Credlin, Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.

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  1. How can 7 claim to be “backed by the exclusive resources of global broadcast news affiliates CNN and NBC”, when 9 claim to be “Using the vast resources of our broadcast partner, CNN”. So the CNN thing isn’t really that exclusive ???

  2. The choice of which channel to view the election coverage will come down to the affiliate. I personally will avoid CBS and CNN coverage because of perceived bias or any affiliate or network not providing level and direct commentary. I had also previously thought of CNN with great respect and admiration but not anymore.

    The bias was very obvious in the post-presidential election debate commentaries, with the commentary pushing what the networks wanted the viewers to perceive. It’s too lowbrow (for me anyway).

  3. Malaysia just had their government ousted and that barely got a mention in the news, Thailand is having huge political demonstrations against their King an event that has only happened once in their history and the only TV coverage was a Dateline episode. But for some reason we need to knew every minuscule, trivial detail of the USA election? Thank goodness for streaming.

  4. There’s going to be more local networks covering the American election than covered our own Australian elections last year.I have to say that is a bit strange.I wonder do any other countries do this?

    1. It’s funny in a way that Sky News will have a more Pro-Donald coverage than Fox News will, as Fox usually sidelines the primetime opinion hosts for election night, giving them maybe a minute or two as a guest at some stage during the night, but otherwise using their news anchors and a handful of the regular contributors to the panels from both parties.

      I’ll probably watch Fox mostly and check Sky occasionally. I’m thinking of keeping Newsmax or OAN on a second screen for a more conservative US-based coverage. Usually I mute the TV coverage for most of the day and listen to coverage on US talk radio which, thanks to the lack of visuals, is forced to spend more time talking about the numbers and less time reminiscing about moments in the campaign.

    1. Michael Rowland travelled there last week for ABC Breakfast too. Australians can leave the country for work purposes and there’s (obviously) no quarantine requirement for Australians when we get there. I guess it’s just down to the presenter/reporter if they want to travel to the US right now.

    1. It’s a good point. No other country’s elections get this much coverage in Australia. There’s Planet America on ABC, but no Planet Indonesia, Planet China or Planet India political analysis given the comparable and higher populations.

    1. As Seven says “the exclusive resources of global broadcast news affiliates CNN and NBC”. CNN is not exclusive to Seven. 10’s “exclusive coverage” refers to their exclusive CBS input.

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