What we know about The Block 2021

After TV Tonight‘s Hot Tip that The Block was headed to Bronte Court in Hampton, the Herald Sun published further details on Friday afternoon.

It reported executive producer Julian Cress had door-knocked homes in the suburban cul-de-sac, making an offer too good to refuse.

Settlement on five properties is reportedly due next month.

That brings me back to quotes recently published at the show’s official website.

“There’s been a concept for the show floating around for a number of years which we’ve discussed with (TV boss) Michael Healy and (production boss) Adrian Swift at the network,” Cress said.

“An idea of how to make the show that we’ve always dreamed of, but have never been able to find a property that’s suitable, that fits the build, doing it the way that we wanted to do it.

“We’re really excited about next year, because we have found a property that actually meets that brief that we’ve set ourselves, it’s something that we’ve never done before and we’re very excited about it.”

But some in the ‘hood are unhappy with The Block set to move in, while others will see property values rise. The Herald Sun suggests buyers’ advocate Nicole Jacobs also has a property on the street.

Cress told the newspaper he never comments on the next property, largely to keep contestants in the dark -that’s not entirely true with 2018’s The Gatwick confirmed by Nine ahead of filming.

That was another one tipped first by TVT….


  1. As a reasonably close neighbour only a few doors away from Bronte Court, I am far from amused. It is going to be a nightmare for all of use living nearby, due to traffic problems, noise, rubberneckers, and the loud, annoying Scott Cam.

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