Who is Australia’s “Most Eligible” Bachelor?

Can we crowd-source a shortlist of 2021 Bachelors?

Based on a tease in their 2021 Upfronts 10 has already cast its leading man for The Bachelor 2021.

10 is promising its “Most Eligible Bachelor Ever” next year.

So this got me to thinking… how does someone be more eligible than someone else?

I guess it means like Prince Harry -having once been deemed an eligible Prince- 2021’s Bachelor is a man of status and possibly wealth.

I think we can rule out James Packer, somehow! Ryan Stokes already got hitched in 2016, so he’s out t0o. And I doubt Zac Effron has plans to step into the reality TV spotlight anytime soon.

Maybe 10 finally convinced Dr. Chris Brown to step into the spotlight?

Or does “most eligible” mean someone newly single …or even same-sex (frankly, I can’t see the format going there with a Thorpie)?

Gogglebox‘s Jad Nehmetallah always looks single-ready-to-mingle but I’m not convinced he fits the description.

But this isn’t exactly my area of specialty, so over to you for more suggestions… let’s see if we can crowd source a shortlist.

Who is Australia’s “Most Eligible” Bachelor?

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