10 dumps Pete Evans from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

10 has dumped Pete Evans from the cast of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here following his controversial social media post featuring a neo-Nazi symbol known as the Black Sun.

“Network 10 can confirm that Pete Evans will not be appearing on this season of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!” a 10 spokesperson said.

Filming of the series is getting underway in northern NSW. The decision to drop Evans was an abrupt one, as he had already started his mandatory pre-show quarantine and follows a growing social media backlash against the show.

The move also follows Pan Macmillan cutting ties with the former My Kitchen Rules host yesterday.

“Those views are not our views as a company or the views of our staff. Pan Macmillan is currently finalising its contractual relationship with Pete Evans and as such will not be entering any further publishing agreements moving forward,” the statement read.

“If any retailer wishes to return Pete Evans’ books please contact Pan Macmillan.”

Evans later deleted the post and apologised.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. I’m not sure many parents will be needing or wanting to sit their kiddies down to explain his dangerous views on Covid19 for a start. That was already seen as a concern before the butterfly effect took place. Preventing them seeing or hearing about it is probably a good thing. I think the more pressing issue would be influential teenagers hearing him push his views. They’re the ones who can follow him on various platforms.

  2. I actually liked Pete back in the first two seasons of MKR but then he just pandered and bought into the nasty new direction of the show and I lost more and more respect for him as the years went on (long after I switched off MKR). This is hugely disappointing but sadly not surprising.

    • It’s not cancel culture when someone gets punished for promoting Nazi propaganda
      It would be way more “troubling” if a TV show aimed at families included him knowing the above

      • @Andrew most kiddies watching wouldn’t have a clue what Pete’s views or beliefs are, they’d barely know him from “MKR” and if they did learn of his views, well, maybe that would be a good discussion and learning experience for parents to have with their children at the time.

        • Which is where the problem lays these days I guess, having the confidence to talk to their parents about it and I agree it’s a dangerous thing. Basically it is a continuation of the make everything safe part of life, you know sue the school, sue the council, get rid of the playground equipment, which is what the SE: 16 EP: 8 Sarcastaball episode of South Park is about. Mark Manson has a really good take on it all in his Everything is F***ed: A Book About Hope (2019), in essence we’re creating a fragile world and should be aiming for an anti-fragile one. If children are shielded from all that kind of stuff online (be that social or other media), how do they learn to cope with it if/when they come across it in real life and what damage will that sudden realisation cause when they’ve never seen it before.

          Anyway won’t dwell any more on it, as this is a TV Blog site not a…

          • @alexander4: Of course not, I would however like them to know that there are people like that in the World and feel comfortable about coming to me and talking about it. As I was able to talk about things like that with my parents, sure different times and all as those things mainly played out on the News and there was more immediacy. Growing up seeing the Vietnam War play out on TV, Neo Nazi gangs attacking Vietnamese in Richmond,the Romper Stomper was basicaly about all that (wasn’t a total fiction), and many other things that were talked about when seeing them.

            Sitcoms like Till Death Us Do Part, Love Thy Neighbour, All In The Family and the racism within discussed as family, plenty of other examples but word count says no.

    • What a rubbish take. A difference of opinion is whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, not debating the acceptability of neo-nazi symbolism.

      • Let’s not forget this is also the same man who a few months ago was trying to flog to naive people a $15,000 anti coronavirus light, only to this week turn around and completely downplay the virus and how it can be spread. This man’s view aren’t just a difference of opinion, they are dangerous and potentially life threatening to people who may listen to him. He should not be given any form of platform on TV.

    • I’m normally one to agree and say that “It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad” when someone has gotten “cancelled” (ie, someone making an off-colour joke 10 years ago) – But the use of a Nazi symbol in a casual (and arguably positive context), does feel too icky for my liking.

      Given everything Evans has done – (posts like this as well as trying to sell a cure for Covid) I think it’s fair to “Cancel” Pete Evans.

    • Which I would hope would have the other Celebrities on the Show question and/or take him to task on and a discussion ensue on it all. Which could lead to discussions amongst those watching at home, in the work place online and in school amongst the teens watching, if school is back when it airs that is.

    • The rumour mill has been in overdrive for weeks. There’s plenty of guesses out there if you google it.

      Gives the gossip columnists something to do until The Masked Singer returns.

    • Depends on what you think a ‘little slip-up’ is: he posted a photo that included a neo-Nazi symbol and someone commented on it, to which he replied saying ‘I was waiting for someone to see that’.

      Later when Channel 10 forced him to issue an apology he says it was ‘misinterpreted’ and in the future he has to ‘study every symbol that ever existed’. Doesn’t look like it was accidental at all

    • Far from one little slip up. He’s spent years pedaling nonsense about vaccines and various other things. It’s a smart call on 10’s part I reckon. The midst of a global pandemic is not the time to be giving a platform to a known anti vaxxer who thinks COVID is some giant deep state conspiracy and even suggests it can’t even transmit between humans.

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