4 finish SAS Australia …but only 3 given pass

Despite making it to the end, one still hadn't given enough for Ant Middleton.

Four celebrities made it to the end of the SAS Australia course -but only three were deemed to have passed by instructor Ant Middleton: Nick Cummins, Merrick Watts and Sabrina Frederick.

Swimmer James Magnussen was cut seconds from the end, being told it “just wasn’t enough” despite enduring two weeks of brutal physical and psychological training.

Rally car driver Molly Taylor also quit after a punishing Hunter Force challenge, with recruits held captive and subjected to painful stress positions and disturbing noises.

At times the celebrities seemed confused as to whether they were supposed to keep their mission secret under interrogation… they weren’t alone… and were oddly praised for revealing it.

It was followed by The Sickener: a 3km artillery resupply carrying heavy sandbags and ammunition containers; evacuation through unforgiving terrain; and an uphill 4km sprint to an extraction point.

Despite passing the course, there was no series prize, nor the chance to join any SAS in Australia or the UK.


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  1. I thought the series was excellent. I don’t think James successfully completed enough tasks or did enough in the ones he didn’t complete to pass. However I still think everyone on the show should be proud of their efforts because it was very full on.

    Congrats to Merrick, Sabrina and Nick for getting the tick of approval at the end.

  2. I watched this show with some kind of curious bizarre fascination. All along I kept thinking these guys could do much better with some encouragement rather than the constant harsh almost bullying tactics. But that’s just me. Hard to watch at times. Felt for James Magnusson at the end. But what revelation Merrick was.

  3. Can I just say well done to all involved in this. It was brutal, hard, challenging and very tough what these celebs had to do. Also I did like the SAS leaders.
    Yes at times when they were screaming in there faces it wasn’t nice but but at times they were encouraging and I know they did have a heart.
    It really was a great reality show and I can’t wait until next years one.

    1. Although I don’t watch Bachelor franchise, I’m aware of the outcome of Honey Badgers season, and I think he did the right thing by not choosing anyone. Better to choose no-one than to lead someone on.

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