60 Minutes: Nov 15

On Sunday, Nine turns up the heat on its scrutiny of Australian forces activity in Afghanistan with a 60 Minutes report by Nick Mckenzie.

The Final Battle
On Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned the country to brace for uncomfortable news. As unthinkable as it is, it seems men we’ve always thought of as heroes are not. An exhaustive four-year investigation by the Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force has found that a small group of soldiers from our elite special forces were potentially involved in shocking war crimes in Afghanistan. The IG’s report is set to be released within days and is expected to detail a litany of heinous crimes committed against defenceless Afghans, including alleged executions. In a special report for 60 Minutes, Nick McKenzie will not only explain what went wrong with the special forces, but also the one piece of good news: how this story was uncovered rather than covered up.
Reporter: Nick McKenzie
Producers: Joel Tozer, Chris Masters

Rock ’n’ roll suffered an enormous hit a few years back when AC/DC turned down the volume and quietly faded into the background. But there was little choice. Co-founder Malcolm Young had lost his long battle with illness and other members of the group were plagued by their own demons. For a band that had been so phenomenally successful, not to mention phenomenally loud, for almost 50 years, the silence without AC/DC was deafening. But as Allison Langdon reveals in an exclusive interview with Angus Young and Brian Johnson, there’s now been an unexpected yet incredible musical miracle which proves it is possible to do U-turns on the highway to hell.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Garry McNab

8:30pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.

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