ABC sets Upfronts date

ABC has confirmed Wednesday November 25 for its 2021 virtual Upfronts.

This marks the first time ABC has branded its annual event as “Upfronts” -a US term aimed at advertisers, but which has since been adopted down under.

In the past ABC has referred to a ‘Programming Slate’ or ‘Showcase.’

In its invitation Costa Georgiadis tells media guests, “You’ll be the first to discover the fantastic line-up of shows and personalities coming to the ABC next year. We’ll be announcing new shows, returning favourites and sharing sneak peeks of what’s in store.”

SBS has their Upfronts next week on November 18.


  1. BBC still calls it ‘showcase’, even for the upcoming BBC 2021 showcase (as does other UK broadcasters), and ABC tends to go with the BBC and British English right down to the term ‘Auntie’ by both ABC and BBC. There are often complaints from educators about the influence of spelling and language from shows like Sesame Street that differ from local spelling curricula.

    But from a marketing perspective, the term ‘upfronts’ has been used by the other Australian networks and it would be a more consistent term in Australia. Generally both American and British terms have been interchangeable in Australian English.

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