Airdate: Beyond COVID: Emerging Smarter

Ticky Fullerton will present a special on Oxford University vaccine trials and economic recovery.

Ticky Fullerton will present a SKY News special Beyond COVID: Emerging Smarter, filming at Oxford University.

This is filmed in partnership with IBM and The Australian, which also makes it branded content.

In March our world changed forever. There is no going back. But what does our new world look like beyond COVID-19?

This Sunday at 7.00pm AEDT Sky News Australia explores the remarkable work going on behind the scenes in our health industry and the economic response to the crisis. How are the world’s top scientists and business leaders shifting gear, putting us years ahead of where we would have been before COVID-19?

In this new ground-breaking documentary in partnership with IBM and The Australian, Oxford University opens its doors to Sky News, where work is being done to not only find a vaccine but identify potential drug candidates to combat COVID-19.

This special investigation explores how collaboration between some of the world’s greatest tech rivals has powered progress like never before. Australian businesses are working arm in arm with tech companies on breakthroughs from autonomous oil rigs to quantum technology that could take years off project development.

In Beyond COVID: Emerging Smarter Sky News Business Editor Ticky Fullerton sits down with those driving the new Australia including Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, National COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) Chairman Neville Power, Minister of Government Services Stuart Robert, IBM Australia/New Zealand Managing Director Katrina Troughton and Woodside CEO Peter Coleman.

At every stage, the digital transformation realised by business, government and academia has achieved years of work in a matter of weeks. In what ways will we emerge smarter from this pandemic, what jobs will be available to Australians, and how will technology such as AI and supercomputing power our progress as we recover and live in a world beyond COVID-19?

7pm Sunday on SKY News.

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