Airdate: In the Face of Terror

With no more Four Corners episodes in 2020, ABC premieres UK documentary In the Face of Terror on Monday.

This is a 3 part series from BBC, on why terrorism has drastically increased across the globe.

In November 2012, Jim Foley is taken hostage whilst working in Syria. He is one of a handful of journalists daring to report in Syria as it heads towards civil war. Back in the US, his parents are desperate for information, not knowing if he is dead or alive. 

In Belgium, another parent, Dimitri Bontinck, is coming to terms with the disappearance of his son. Jejoen Bontinck had grown up in a Christian home but turned his back on the church, finding a new brotherhood at a local mosque. When Jejoen disappears to Syria, Dimitri feels he has no option but to take drastic action, travelling to Syria in an effort to rescue his son. 

Five years on, the families’ lives today are still very much shaped by the events of Syria.

8:30pm Monday on ABC

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