Auditions: Australian Ninja Warrior

Casting for Australian Ninja Warrior 2021 is closing at the end of the month.

To apply you must be:

18 years or older at the time of making your application.
Either an Australian citizen or have been a permanent resident of Australia for at least 2 years at the time of making your application.

Nine recently said of the fifth season, “Nothing in Ninja land is guaranteed and it will be no different in 2021. Australian Ninja Warrior will be completely transformed as our Ninjas tackle more obstacles that defy gravity in show-stopping television of Olympic proportions.”

Applications close November 30.

You can apply here..


  1. Does anyone else think that hour and a half episodes three times a week is way too much for this show? I quit on this show last year because it felt like once I saw one or two episodes, I had seen the entire thing and I just got bored.

    • It does seem to drag a bit but I wouldn’t mind some newer faces ,no doubt we’ll see the usual suspects , I wonder if we’ll see Freddie again.

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