Azaria tale wraps Regular Old Bogan

Audacious local animation Regular Old Bogan wraps with a double episode on Monday, including “Queen of the Dingoes” which sees Mary kidnapped by wild dingoes, only to discover a 40 year old Azaria Chamberlain.

As the 7mate series ends its first season, co-creator Mark Nicholson tells TV Tonight, “We make cartoons with the sort of stuff you never see on network television.”

Nicholson and Stepmates partner Sebastian Peart fell into animation by accident -literally- when a smashed camera ended their filmmaking hopes.

“We just started making online videos, purely out of the love of it. We had a similar sense of humour. So we started Stepmates with live action stuff and we pretty quickly found an audience,” Nicholson recalls.

“We ended up getting a job with the St Kilda Football Club for the Virgin Australia Film Festival, which we won and then we did a video for Bill Shorten when he was running for Labor leader.

“But we put a camera on top of the car, and reversed out of a job and there went $5,000 worth of camera and lenses. So we we turned to animation out of sheer necessity really.”

The pair were invited to pitch by Seven after their online video web comedy Fighting ISIS, was praised in The Guardian.

“We were pretty taken aback when we got invited to come up and pitch,” he adds.

“It’s a credit to those guys for doing it because the online world is a crazy space and there’s a lot of people doing it.”

Regular Old Bogan double episode airs 9pm Monday on 7mate.


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