Bachelorette Becky confirms split from Pete

That was quick.

Bachelorette Becky Miles has today confirmed she has already split from 34-year-old cafe owner, Pete Mann.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM this morning she revealed Pete dumped her via FaceTime. reports the pair spent three days together after the finale, before Pete returned home to Adelaide and Becky to Newcastle.

Becky said this was when things “sunk in” for Pete.

“I was willing to move, I would have been open to moving, (but) he said it just became more real then, he just didn’t think there was a spark there,” she said.

“We had some time together, we had our three days together, that was really lovely.

“We left that time saying we were really going to miss each other, but said we were going to catch up over FaceTime.

“When he got home to Adelaide, about three days later we had a FaceTime and he said ‘Look I’m sorry I just can’t do it’.”

“He said he had some concerns around hometowns time. I think he was scared to really tell me how how he felt,” she said.

“I just wanted to really give it a real crack in the real world but he just wanted to chuck in the towel without even having a conversation about it.

“I’m angry he didn’t try, (but) at the same time I’m still grateful that he told me when he told me he was 100 per cent sure that he didn’t want to continue.”

Pete also wrote on social media, “I came on this show to follow my heart and find love but unfortunately in the end true love was not meant to be.

“Becky is a wonderful woman and I wish her nothing but happiness in life and love. It is truly what she deserves.”

The news comes despite 10’s press release last night, “Cupid Strikes Twice” and the speed of the split echoes the infamous end between Blake Garvey & Sam Frost, before they had hit the publicity trail.

Thankfully it’s better news for sister Elly, confirming she is still with Frazer.

“The secret’s finally out. Coming into the mansion I didn’t know what I was going to get out of this experience. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and opened my heart up… I got to meet Elly, such a kind and genuine person. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store… exciting times to come,” Frazer also penned on Instagram.

But the series of casting sisters did not fire for 10, drawing the show’s lowest ratings so far.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “This season of The Bachelorette Australia was a unique and heart-warming story of family, friendship and love. Sisters Elly and Becky Miles welcomed viewers into their lives and opened their hearts for a double shot at love in a season that had viewers talking from start to finish.

The Bachelorette Australia was the #1 show in its timeslot in under 50s. It was the #1 entertainment program across social media platforms and grew its live stream audiences.

“We would like to thank the teams at Warner Bros. and Network 10 for a wonderful season, and all our partners and sponsors for their support. We look forward to bringing viewers The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia in 2021.”


  1. It’s a big farce, why wouldn’t any of the guys walk out within 5 mins of meeting the girls and knowing they weren’t for them. So they are expected to want to be in a relationship with a person they wouldn’t have even swiped right for?LOL.

  2. I knew she should have gone with Adrian. I could tell that this Pete guy was terrified when she said that she picked him. You blew it Becky. And it might be going alright now Elly but I doubt it will continue either she should have picked the adorable Adam.

  3. Not sure that “What a ride!” in her Instagram (or whatever) above is a good choice of words. Then, who knows.
    “a season that had viewers talking from start to finish”. Yeah, but what were they saying?

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