Bert: “got a lot of living to do.”

Patti Newton posts pic on social media as Bert his hospitalised for tests.

Media were quick to report on an Instagram post from Patti Newton in which TV legend Bert could be seen in hospital attire.

“Bert’s been in hospital, all good,” she revealed.

Quoting a song from Bye Bye Birdie she added, “He’s got a Lot of Living to Do.”

Peter Ford last night told 2GB, “He will be in hospital probably for about another 10 days. It’s not a stroke, it’s not a heart attack. It’s more or less about maintenance, because he has had health issues in the past.

“He does have a pretty serious form of diabetes. So they just want to put him in to do all these checks and he is going to do some rehab stuff for several days, to strengthen up his legs and arms. But he’s ok.”

Amongst those to extend well-wishes were Rhonda Burchmore, Rove McManus, Julia Morris, Erin Holland and Emma Wiggle.

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  1. Bert is no spring chicken so its expected he be in and out of hospitals in his senior years. Bert did GMA pretty much on his own and these days they need several hosts to chair the morning shows. Who could forget that line….. ‘Heres Moira’ lol.

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