Better Homes & Gardens: Nov 27

The final Better Homes & Gardens for 2020 is a Christmas special.

Johanna + Dr Harry + Charlie + Tara + Ed + James + Pete – Christmas At Balmoral
It may seem like a lifetime ago now, but the year began with some of the worst bushfires in recent history. For those affected, these fires are impossible to forget: with lives and homes lost and communities forever changed. This is especially true for Balmoral, a small village in the Southern Highlands of NSW with a population of a little over 400. During the 2019-2020 bushfires, 18 houses were destroyed, alongside 90% of the surrounding bushland. But thanks to the hard work of the local fire fighters and the entire community, one very special building survived: the Balmoral Village Hall. This community hall means a lot to the locals. It’s their meeting place and also a symbol of their refusal to give in to the fires. But it’s looking a little worse for wear…and that’s where Better Homes & Gardens come in! Johanna, Charlie, Tara, James and Pete are helping to repair and rebuild this very important building…and hopefully help this hard-hit but very loving community come back to life, too. From the kitchen to the garden and everything in between, this hall will be totally transformed. Meanwhile, Fast Ed’s in charge of feeding the whole gang, with Satimbocca Steak Sandwiches and Crispy Indian Pancakes both on the menu. And Dr Harry’s meeting two very important locals: Freddie and Mr Percival, a pair of miniature donkeys who have been chipping in by offering much-needed donkey hugs to the local community. Along the way, the team will be sharing loads of great ideas for celebrating Christmas at your place, too.

Adam + Karen + Melissa + Sam – Christmas In Melbourne
This year, COVID has impacted all Aussies, but there’s no doubt that Victorians have been the hardest hit, only recently emerging from the country’s longest period of lockdown . Through it all, the state’s incredible frontline workers and carers have kept on going, including the big-hearted folks at Uniting Prahran, who provided relief to those experiencing poverty, homelessness and economic disadvantage during the crisis. Just like their fellow Melburnians, Adam, Karen, Melissa and Sam want to say a big thank you to Uniting Prahran for their tireless work. They’re transforming a plain and boring concrete courtyard into a fun and inviting place for the workers at Uniting Prahran and those they help. And Karen’s sharing some yummy gingerbread biscuits and a fun Christmas hamper, which make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who deserves a big ‘thank you.’

7pm Friday on Seven.

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