Binge takes to new heights ..but what happened to Nicole?

Binge commissions a 18.4 x 36.8 metre painting in Darlinghurst to promote The Undoing.

Binge has unveiled an 18 storey portrait to promote The Undoing.

The 18.4 x 36.8 metre painting at the Top of the Town in Darlinghurst, with a (passing) likeness to Nicole Kidman, is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It was created by 11 artists and took over two weeks to create with a number of delays due to wind and rain.

Tyson Hunter from Apparition Media said: “After nearly three weeks of project planning and painting, we’re so excited to finally reveal this stunning portrait to Australia. This has been an incredible undertaking from the team who have pounced and painted, with a few stops and starts caused by some very unpredictable weather.”

Binge Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns says: “We’re so excited to be able to share The Undoing with Australia. Not only is it some of the world’s best drama, but it stars Nicole Kidman – so we just had to do something big to celebrate the show in her hometown. And what better way to mark the year’s biggest thriller, with the biggest portrait Australia has ever seen.

“The underlying theme of The Undoing is that ‘nothing stays hidden’. Finding a way to demonstrate the twists and turns of the show on a massive scale has been a lot of fun, as has keeping Sydney-siders guessing!”

The portrait will ‘come undone’ as it unravels into a second artwork from next Tuesday.  The project is temporary and will be painted over and restored back to its original state  after November 23.

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  1. Really really trying to like The Undoing, but its a struggle, the direction is terrible, the only decent character is Hugh Grants. The lighting is flat, and the video look is terrible. And that just the first 3 epps.

  2. Typical Foxtel management myopia. Just because the executives all live in the eastern suburbs / inner city, doesn’t mean the audience does.
    This might have been better placed in Parramatta or thereabouts , – but I’m sure Foxtel brass wouldn’t know how to get there…the horror, the horror .

    1. Well thanks to David, now all of Australia can see it anyway, so seems to have worked. As long as people travel through Darling Hurst (I assume it gets a fair amount of foot traffic compared to Parramatta), they’ll see, and stick it on their socials. Less about where people live and more where they travel through.

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