Carols in the Domain heads indoors

Annual event moves indoors with COVID-safe protocols at the Aware Super Theatre, Sydney's Convention Centre.

The annual Carols in the Domain is the latest to announce a change to its presentation due to the 2020 pandemic.

The event supporting the Salvation Army will be held at Aware Super Theatre, International Convention Centre Sydney at a date yet to be announced and broadcast on Seven.

Executive Producer Michael McKay said, “For a good while there it looked like 2020 would claim another great tradition and there were so many obstacles we had to overcome but they say you find out who your friends are during tough times and Woolworths, Channel 7, Disney, SmoothFM, New Idea were right by us, offering their kind support and encouragement.

“No matter what, right across the country, we’ll all gather once more and sing our Carols and share the spirit of Christmas 2020 style.”

Updated: Performers and musicians are yet to be announced. The team at Carols in the Domain are hoping to have seats available for public.

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  1. Whilst you are all correct, outdoors would be safer. However, imagine that big field half empty. Imagine large amounts of darkness with no battery operated candle light. It would also be pretty bloody dismal standing in stage looking at almost darkness.

    Indoors they can build a set and place people in an audience strategically so it looks more full. With better lighting and a bit of smoke and mirrors it will work

  2. I am not sure if moving indoors is a good idea. If this year’s Carols stay at The Domain, there is a wide space to spread the crowd to enforce social distancing, and it is still possible to make it a ticketed event.

  3. The irony of this is that outdoors is considered safer than indoors but I get why they’ve done this. It’s much easier to socially distance sitting in a theatre then sprawled out on the grass of the domain. A concert arena or sports stadium would’ve provided the best of both worlds but I guess it would’ve been more expensive.

  4. You’d have to imagine the marketing team paused for a moment and at least put feelers our to see if songs could be performed in different properties to create Carols in the Domain(.com.au)?

    Will be interesting to see if Nine follows suit or if seating for Christmas Eve audience in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl will be appropriately socially distanced. May perhaps be achieved by marshals wardening off lawn spots as opposed to previous years’ “gate’s open!”–free for all for places on the lawn?

    Will be interesting to see how Ch9 responds to this.

    1. Can see Seven screening an event called Carols in the Domain.com.au given that Domain.com.au is a property of Nine Entertainment Co.

      That was the great irony of the Test Series last year. Seven were having to promote a Nine Entertainment Co product when Domain.com.au was the sponsor

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